Today, I am playing wih the Black Urad bean (Vigna Mungo, Urad Dal). The legume has a number of medicinal and nutritional properties. It is said to strengthen the nervous and digestive systems,  have anti-inflammatory properties, and to generally calm vitiated vata dosha. And generally, it is purported to support the kidney/ water system (TCM, ayurvedic, TTM systems). Thus it is great for diabetics, overeaters, and in my assumption, emotional folks.This wikipedia article suggests preparing the skinless porridge as a light breakfast, while another source claims it is heavy to digest…. Only time and taste testing will tell, but it is within logical progression to assume the skin is more difficult to digest. I am excited to experiment with the possibilities of this little wonder! Rich in calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper,  and manganese, the Urad is a cousin of the Mung bean!

The name and dehydrated coloration insinuate a uniform severity but upon close inspection the beans beam all the colors of the rainbow. The picture above shows the subtle diversity in this package’s harvest, and captures a peculiar phenomenon: beans arranged neatly around an oxygen bubble. It’s a bit hard to see, but is on the bottom right corner. Two such bubbles manifested in my bowl. They were quite settled in this formation, and moved without disbanding.The bubble floated to the surface only after I poked the beans free.

What a peculiar phenomenon!
To what analogies doth this allude?

This blog will discuss way of being.

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